Very, very lucky or what?

Another website, Fringe Review, has 210 reviews from this year's Edinburgh Fringe at the moment.

69 shows – just under a third – are "Recommended", 122 shows are "Highly recommended", and 19 shows are "Outstanding". That leaves exactly zero shows which, apparently, could not be recommended or need to be actively avoided.

Sadly, I saw none of the ones Fringe Review saw, so I don't know if "Recommended" is their way of saying 'it's sort of ok'. Of the thirty I saw, three shows were just that, and two positively stank. That's a sixth of them.

So were they extremely lucky with the choice of shows, or very easy to please, or is this a desperate attempt to get some publicity by at least recommending everything they get a ticket to in the hope that the website's recommendation is plastered on posters?

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