The idea was so simple: as I had seen over a hundred shows a year for a decade, have a site reviewing them. There was also a good affiliate deal available from a ticket site which would help pay for it.

It was at that point that a new addition to the family arrived, and theatre-going plummeted. The ticket site vanished too.

Ah well, here it is at last…

You need to know:

Post dates are those of the performance rather than the date the review was written (ideally not too much later).

I am not a fan of brain-dead musicals. Apart from that, I can happily see almost anything.

Of the regular National Theatre leading men, I think Roger Allam and Alex Jennings are both far better actors than Simon Russell Beale.

Dorothy Parker famously said a performance of Katharine Hepburn ran "the gamut of emotions from A to B." Having seen her in several plays, I think Jane Asher struggles to get to A.

By far the best thing I have ever seen is Shockheaded Peter, "just a little bit different". Sadly, that's no longer with us and the promised video recording never appeared (although there is a video on YouTube that makes clear that if it wasn't made, a large portion of the show was recorded). It's also in the V&A archive.

You can contact me via theatre at lovingboth.com or by leaving a comment.

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  1. Hi Ian,

    We're a group of drama students on a Postgraduate acting course at ALRA putting on a show called 'A Pocketful of Dreams: A Tennessee Williams Collection'. It's the centenary of Williams' birth this year and this show hopefully showcases the breadth of his talent. We'd love it if you were at all able to come and review us. If you fancy it, send us an email and we can book you a place. Show dates are Oct 12th-15th. Sorry to use comments box for this – couldn't find a contact on the site…

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