11 Films to Happiness – 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

Aidan Goatley's previous show, 10 Films With My Dad, was about the films his father used to bond with him. This one's about eleven(ish) films that Aidan used to help recover from depression and which have meaning for him through reminding him of various bits of his life.

Sadly, some of the films in the introductory sequence – like the fabulous Kick-Ass – aren't included. We do get The Magnificent Seven (even if the original Seven Samurai is better) and Toy Story 3 (even if the original and Toy Story 2 are better), but there's also CGI-overloaded, dramatic tension-free crap like the 2012 Avengers.

One of the most amusing bits is that it took reaching one of the worst ever examples of casting before he stopped watching In The Name of the King about half an hour in – for everyone else, 'directed by Uwe Boll' on the poster / box is enough!

So the choice of films wouldn't be mine, but it was his and this very personal show is worth seeing.


On at 9:35pm at the Ciao Rooms (venue 283) until the 23rd August.

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