Sex Rated G – 2015 Edinburgh Fringe

Lisa Verlo uses things starting with G – from genitals to getting off – to talk about sexuality, especially in an American context. Her parents didn't like nudity, but she discovers masturbation; her first partner isn't really into her; her second (a famous but unnamed director) is, but also likes other things etc.

The main thing I learnt is that sleeping with directors doesn't guarantee a career – looking her up reveals three entries in imdb: 'song performer' in a film described as "unwatchable" at times because of bad sound and vision, a character in a soft porn film (tags 'female nudity' and 'full frontal female nudity') plus the title character in an episode of its TV series spin-off.

The show itself is worthy rather than good. I can't disagree with anything she says (or sings) but it didn't feel like they were the most interesting things she could have been saying.

I am not asking for the director to be named, but there's not much about how she felt during their relationship, until she wonders how many others are seeing the doctor he recommends when he thinks she might have caught gonorrhoea from him. That's not one of the G's and, for someone her age, it's very noticeable that there's nothing on any other STI. Did HIV have no impact on her?

The format of the show, sometimes talking to a recorded voice, doesn't help make it more of a story than a performance either. It has some good moments, but overall, a disappointment. Sorry, Lisa.


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