Drive Ride Walk – Greenwich Theatre

A 'world premiere', but it doesn't feel quite finished yet. The piece has its origin in two songs at one of the Bridewell's experimental slots. It's been expanded into a 55 minute piece here, but there's scope for more.

The theme is journeys in London. One person has just passed their driving test, another cycles, and a third commutes by tube, walks, and also falls over. Around that, the main cast of nine sing a variety of songs, usually a cappella, sometimes backed by a young (college?) choir, or a double bass and… erm, I can't remember what the other instrument is.

I also can't remember any of the tunes: this is Sondheim-light, with an ensemble doing lyric-based stuff. What's missing is a book substantially longer than the sentence above. There's a bit more, but not enough.

But while it's happening, it's good stuff, particularly the 'Don't you cut me up' song from the young drivers. I was fearing they'd end up hitting the cyclist (how to put people off cycling) but it doesn't happen and she sings happily about some of the joys of cycling in London.

Overall, I'm glad I've seen it, but I was also glad I got the ticket for half price on

After the week at Greenwich Theatre, it goes on a short London tour.


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