The Bad Girl's Guide to Good Revenge – 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

I hadn't realised that this was done by the same woman behind The Coin-Operated Girl until she walked on stage: the link isn't on the flyer for either show.

This is centred around her experience of meeting someone who pretended to be interested in her, but was much more interested in being able to steal hundreds of pounds from her account. It turned out that a) the police couldn't do very much (he'd seen her enter her PIN) and b) he'd been conning a series of women into sending him money. Because of the first one, she went to a family friend who took her through the rules of a good revenge, including things like knowing when to start and stop, and not being a dick about it.

The audience is invited to contribute their experiences and suggestions too. It's a work in progress, and may well change through its run here, but it's already at a good standard.


It's on at 2:30 at The Beat (venue 56) until the 23rd August (no shows on Mondays).

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