Techno Glitter Penguins – 2016 Edinburgh Fringe

This is the latest evolution of Nicole Hendriksen's inspired 'alt-comedy' series of shows – it's too late to see Rainbow Rabbits With Rabies or Honeycomb Badgers on Acid, but if you did, you'll recognise their parentage of this generation.

It was interesting to see the difference that the type of room makes: last year's was in a small but often full cramped space, and this year she's in a large attic with – when I saw it – fewer people. (Perhaps it's because you need to pay up front this year, rather than being part of a free Fringe, or perhaps people prefer to see her other show.) Rather than clambering over everyone, here she starts by offering high quality vegan popcorn in a friendly fashion. It still gets delightfully weird quickly though…

The political bits were the best bit for me. Not talking about Brexit or politicians, but on gender and sexuality. So while there's a routine demonstrating the difference between men and women when it comes to getting sexual, she checks people's pronouns first. And doesn't assume that people like the same things sexually or that two people need to like all of the same things. No-one gets touched without consent either, even by the not entirely sane – ok, bonkers – characters she becomes in the middle.

Awesome presence + good material = great show.


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