Andy J Wilson's Confessions Box – 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

I've been playing 'anonymous confessions' at places like BiCon for over twenty years: everyone writes down something on a piece of paper, folds it up and adds to a pile of them. The pile is then mixed up, and everyone takes one and reads it. It often gets quite rude.

'Ooh, there's a show where someone reads out anonymous confessions sent in over the internet / written on the way in – what could possibly go wrong with that?'

Well, that it did is shown by how often Andy Wilson mentioned how the previous evening's performance had been much better. It may well have been: there were only about three confessions from this evening's performance, and one of those was in French. But surely there was enough material from his website? There probably was, but he wouldn't read most of it. He'd written them down, but not marked them, and couldn't find at least one he wanted to do.

Instead, we got a bit too much of his own material, some of which didn't go down too well possibly because of the other thing he kept mentioning: how much he'd had to drink that day.

The concept is great, the execution simply wasn't there this evening. Fortunately, it was free.


It's on at The George on the Bridge (venue 346) at 6:30pm, until 9th August.

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