Men With Coconuts: Improvised Bond – 2016 Edinburgh Fringe

The second of two improvised Bond films I saw this year: while it's always difficult to compare improv shows, I suspect that this one is consistently better than the other one.

For one thing, it's quicker to get going: the title comes a quick vote from three suggestions shouted out (when I saw it, the winner was 'Sphincter') and then it's on with the action rather than more explanation and setup. The title sequence is done live and, more usefully, there are four actors* on stage rather than two.

The highlight for me was the discussion in the briefing, where the imaginary paper list given by M to Bond had just one item on a second page. A couple of minutes of argument between those two and Miss Moneypenny about the best way to get the word processor to avoid that – changing the font size or altering the margins on the page or… – followed. The other show would probably have known to have called that line by its name in typography, a 'widow', and made a comment about how Bond had created lots of other sorts of widows. This lot were just being silly.


* They're all male, disappointingly.

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