Savvy Secrets of Successful Mistresses – 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

Lisa Faith Philips paid for some of her education via stripping. That formed the basis of a previous show, and this one is about another form of using sexuality to make a living: being a mistress.

It's set up as a parody of self-help gurus – she's 'Dr Faith' with a one true way of doing things – but it grates, especially to a non-American ear. There are also far too many thwacks of a riding crop against the pop-up display too – it just gets boring.

The original songs, by the other person on the stage, Ellen Mandel, are fine enough but suffer in comparison to the classics that are also performed.

Interestingly, the 'savvy secrets' are very similar to the basic rules for sex work: "get your hands on the dough" is "get the money first" by another name. But while 'Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend' is a great song, it's rubbish financial advice – the resale value of diamonds is scandalously low.

On the evening I went, I won the 'Scotland's next top mistress' award but although I left with a badge (which I have been delightedly wearing ever since) and plastic rose, I also left feeling that the show could have been a lot, lot better given the basic material there.

It's not funny enough as a parody, and it's not personal enough. Her previous show was about her, and it worked a lot better than this one.


On at 10:15pm in the Paradise at Augustines (venue 152) until the 10th.

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