The Evolution Will Be Televised – 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

Kate Smurthwaite was one of the writers for the second series of The Revolution Will Be Televised, the excellent BBC3 political activism / comedy show. Gosh, isn't the title of this show similar? 🙂

It's political, partly because there are people who don't believe in evolution. They're wrong, to be blunt, and the show uses jokes, facts and games to show why. It's also because along with humans, the 'great apes' include bonobos, chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans, and one of the biggest differences is that there are a lot more of us (approaching 7,250,000,000) than them (less than 300,000 combined, with some in danger of extinction).

Her passion for the science comes across extremely well, and you'll doubtless learn something too. Definitely recommended.


On at 8:20pm at the Ciao Rooms (venue 283) until the 23rd August. Their ice cream is very nice, even if the décor is less so: there's a covered up Mussolini quote on the wall!

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