The Michael Gove Exposé – 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

Gareth Morinan was a data analyst in the civil service. After a time at the Export Credit Guarantee Department (the UK Government's semi-business which insures the export risks the market won't touch) he moved to the Department for Children, Schools and Families. After the 2010 general election, Michael Gove was appointed to it, despite having zero experience of education since leaving university, and rebranded it the Department for Education.

It's safe to say that Gareth isn't one of Gove's few fans (there was a rare sighting of one in the audience when I saw it!) and has lots of personal stories to explain why not.

A mix of the amusing and the horrifying (and the amusingly horrifying), it works despite none of it being particularly surprising – even though I had forgotten his part in the expenses scandal, for example, that was discovered to have claimed for illegible items and had 'flipped' houses to avoid tax – and despite Gove's removal to be Conservative Chief Whip.

It also includes a very heartfelt plea that people in charge of important departments have some actual experience and skills in things relevant to their departments, rather than just being a friend of whoever the Prime Minister is. The technocratic revolution begins here…


On at 3:40pm at Canons Gait (venue 78) until the 24th August.

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