Magick and Mayhem – Jermyn Street Theatre

I noticed this being advertised after seeing The Sideshow of Wonders (cv), and was wondering about whether to see it, especially after the huge disappointment of Dial L... I'm glad I did.

First up at this performance was George Parker from Amsterdam doing some close up magic and enjoying the 'wa-huh?!?' looks on the faces of the two volunteers sitting next to him. I was in the front row, almost as close, and his opening cut/rejoined rope work was perfect. I could just spot what was really happening to the 'lucky' card in one card routine in particular, but it was still very good.

The main event is Jay Fortune and his somewhat warped sense of humour. Again, I can see how he does some of it – if you start with five things to choose from and a volunteer to assist, it does not matter who picks two of them for the other to pick which one to take away, you'll always get the final card you want provided you pick on the last round – but not all. (I wonder if he has fifty two old packs of cards under the table for one…) In any case, the presentation is very good if you can take jokes about death and abuse.

An excellent end to a mixed evening.


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