His & Hers Wild Vaudeville – 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

As well as the 'free fringe', if you walk around Edinburgh looking like a likely audience member, you can expect to be offered some free tickets to shows that normally charge, especially on the first week. With so many shows on, word of mouth is critical and if no-one's seen yours, that can't happen. I can't remember what I was on the way to see when I was offered this one…

He is Leo Conville and she is Sharnema Nougar. He has apparently been told not to say anything to the audience, but nothing was said about singing. So several of us are asked questions and encouraged to answer in the style of an op-er-aaaa… Then she comes on, diva style, and before too long three audience members are holding her up as she plays and sings while lying down in their arms or hanging upside down.

Fun for the performers and audience alike, and would have been good value at the normal £5.


On at 5pm at Just the Tonic at The Tron (venue 51), until the 24th August (except the 12th).

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