Quick round-up part 2 – 2015 Edinburgh Fringe

Life Gives You Lemons

Charming and funny comedy – you might even walk out with a lemon. 4/5

Newcastle Brown Male

I was half of the audience for this – it should have been a much smaller fraction. I am not going to mark this one, but definitely see if he's doing any guest spots.

Erich McElroy's Imperfect Guide to Picking the Perfect President

… not that the American electorate have a good track record. If you are interested in US politics, it's amusing but you probably won't learn anything. 3/5

Welcome to Clown Town – at the Fringe

It probably wasn't the best idea to call a 'guest spots' show that in a venue with lots of kids shows. The Yurt also gets distinctly hot and stuffy by this time if the weather is good. The format means how good it is depends on who's doing it. Before I needed to go, both were good.

Live in the Staff Room

Small room, great show on sex and serial killers. 5/5

We're Sorry

Good stand up from two Canadians who also have solo shows. 3.5/5

Jenny Say Qua

Very good stand up. 4.5/5

C U In Court (Cnut vs Fcuk)

Great true story about refusing to be bullied by a big company about a joke logo that wasn't entirely original to them. 4.5/5

Sarah Bennetto

A very good mix of comedy and games. 4/5

Sex Hugs and Gender Roles

Definitely in preview, but already good. How great it gets will depend on the guests, but it's a formal that works. 3/5


Late night sex jokes from four guest comedians. 3.5/5 tonight

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