Strictly Come Trancing – 2016 Edinburgh Fringe

The title is great, but could Ben Dali's hypnotism show live up to it? It depends on the audience and who volunteers.

Looking around during a relaxation exercise for the whole audience involving him suggesting one arm floats up, it's clear that not that many hands are up, so what would the volunteers to be hypnotized be like? Mixed was the answer when I saw it. Of the eight on a row of chairs, one left the stage midway through the main section, but Kim in particular was very clearly 'under'.

The exercises that the seven were put through included a couple of them competing in the Olympics (one was unable to throw a balloon javelin for two out the three throws, but won with the third), translating Wookie, and drawing Ben as part of a life drawing class. Here, each person was told something different. Kim was told that Ben's penis was enormous (and reacted appropriately any time he got near), while one man was told that the penis in question was tiny. Others were told he had his head, but the body of a woman or of their favorite animal…

.. and the resulting pictures reflected those.

4/5 for the show I saw, but at least a point of that is down to Kim.

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