On the Playing Fields of Her Rejection

I mentioned this in the Dial L for Latchkey review as being the worst professional show I'd ever seen.

My copy of its flyer – which promised so much – has just turned up:

If you picked up that flyer, you'd go and see it, wouldn't you? Sadly for those of us who did, the flyer was about a million times better than the actual show.

It's a bit late now, but looking back with 15 years of hindsight, the similarity between 'A glorious romp with sex and gardening' and 'A gay romp with Adolf and Eva' (the subtitle of Springtime for Hitler, officially the worst play ever written – according to The Producers, anyway) should have been a big clue that it was a play that should have closed on page four.

Be grateful you never saw it… and if you did, it really was bad, wasn't it?

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