The Side Show of Wonders – Jermyn Street Theatre

Richard Leigh runs a series of magic shows here, this one is a family show during the February school half-term holidays.

It starts before the advertised time with a warm up of side show games, balloon modelling etc. All good fun and the children in the audience were joining in happily.

The show itself is based around fairground attractions and for its audience works very well. You have probably seen most of the things before, but probably not so close up (it's a small space) or presented with so much genuine enjoyment – they were delighted when four of the children wanted to pay a pound to see the Man Eating Chicken!

Some of the tricks went slightly wrong (the bottom blade on the guillotine showed when lifting up the blade after the demo run – think of a vegetable beginning with C 🙂 – and the blind was thrown a little too high for the transformation trick) but it really does not matter: everyone enjoyed themselves.

Apparently, it will be back during at least some other school holidays. Recommended.


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