The Coin-Operated Girl – 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

Miranda Kane used to work as an escort with the working name of BBW Melody. Having retired from sex work a couple of years ago, she's moved into comedy and has used the experiences to create a great solo show about her earlier life.

It starts with how she got into the business – easily and willingly, when she realised that there were people willing to pay for what she offered – and goes to some of the details how she was successful, before going to a look online at some of the people working in Edinburgh now and the mixed blessing of reviews.

Quibble #1 is that she treats some of her personal choices as universal good practice or as industry norms. Showing your face on an escorting website is not for everyone, no matter how much some enquirers want you to show it (most of them will never book you anyway), for example, and people have different condom preferences (there's no evidence that thicker condoms are more reliable).

The end of the prepared act is a countdown of the ten most popular things men asked / paid to do with her. Quibble #2 is that there's no reminder that the attention she got was down to how she marketed herself, and different escorts are going to get different requests. But so long as you treat it as reliable as a typical magazine survey, it's also fun.

Then comes a Q&A, with – on the afternoon I saw it – surprisingly few questions, so if you have a question about sex work, you've even more reason to go.

Miranda's personality comes across delightfully, and you can see why people paid hundreds (and occasionally thousands for longer bookings) of pounds to spend time with her. Being part of the free fringe means you can do it for free.

Highly recommended.


On at 5pm until the 24th August (except Mondays) at the Liquid Rooms Annex (venue 276) underneath South Bridge. See it.

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