The Walking Dead – 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

Dan Willis has been doing shows on things he cares about for a while – the audience included a still-not-engaged-yet couple who he recognised from seeing them over the past seven years. This year, it's zombies, and specifically the funny side of a zombie apocalypse.

Much of the source material is from the first three series of The Walking Dead, with the slight spoiler that most of the starting don't make it to the end of the first one.

The basics of survival (lock yourself somewhere, preferably with a bath you can fill for water, get a number of the right sort of people together – survival experts are going to be more use than comedians – and then get yourself to a DIY warehouse for stuff) are covered, along with the way that bathrooms are, contrary to the advice of TWD, quite sensible places to be.

It's all fine stuff, done in a friendly way, but I'd probably have enjoyed it more if I had seen TWD or even if it convinced me that I really wanted to do so.


On at 1:15pm at the annex of The Liquid Room (venue 276) until the 24th August.

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