Oh Boy! The Quantum Leap Show – 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

Quantum Leap was a TV series of the late 80s / early 90s. Each episode saw Dr Sam Beckett appear in someone else's place at some point in the past, work out WTF was going on, and then attempt to change what was happening for the better. He would be aided by Admiral Al Calavicci – who only he could see – who was in turn helped by the computer Ziggy saying things like 'there is a 99% chance that this series has incredibly dodgy science'.

Here, it's been turned into a improv show by The Maydays, four women including the wonderful Liz Peters. To get the 'I don't know what's going on' aspect spot on, a guest star plays Sam and the audience-suggested theme of the show is kept from him. On the day I saw it, the guest hadn't realised that only he could see Al which added to the fun. Oh boy.

Overall, there's a 100% chance that it's considerably better than the TV show was…


On at 2:30pm at Cowgatehead room 6 (venue 32) until the 24th August. No shows on Mondays.

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