Pandamonium – 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

After Liz Peters, I noticed that the next thing on in that room, Democracy is Broken with Russ Mulligan, looked interesting. After checking email etc, there was still about 10 minutes to go, so I had a wander around the space looking at posters etc. What's that happening in that room…?

'Ooooh!' say the six people talking in there, 'an audience!!' and they beg me to come in. I explain that I am going to see something else that's starting in a few minutes. 'OK, can we sing you a couple of songs?' If they want to, fine, but after getting on stage, they then spend the next few minutes discussing what to sing while one of them (who I later know is Daphna Baram) taps her watch saying, 'He's got to go, he's got to go…'

So I leave without the song and go back next door. Where there's me plus three others and they'd been paid to flyer the show and were only there to see what the thing they'd been promoting was actually like. The combination of the small audience plus not feeling up to it meant that Russ cancelled that performance, so I return to the six who are still there.

'Ooooh!' they say again, and this time, a couple of songs were sung. Afterwards, I say that this is not the worst thing I have seen at the Fringe this year, so they invite me up on stage to tell them about it, at which point Daphna posts this on Instagram:

Me on stage
"When you have one member of the audience and six comedians there is only one thing you can do. Swap it. Ian the audience member takes the stage."

After that, three of them talk about their worst ever gig (one was 'gonged off' a show within about ten seconds – from what they said about their act then, I'm surprised it took that long – and still had to pay over a hundred pounds to stay in that city overnight) and we all leave reasonably happy, even if I didn't put anything in the collection bucket.

The show was 'Pandamonium' (the MC, Rory McAlpine has a toy panda), and I'm sure it's usually less chaotic than this 🙂

4/5 for me, ?/5 for them 🙂

It's on at 7:15pm at Cowgatehead space 4 (venue 32) until the 25th August (no show on the 13th). It's also on in Edinburgh throughout the year.

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