Bad Girls: Misandry Madness Showcase – 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

A variable bill of several female comics, plus one token man in at least some form of drag.

On the night I saw it, after some chat from compère Miss Androus, it was Sarah Cassidy (solo show immediately added to the 'definitely see' list), and Jane Walker (nicely self-deprecating humour) before Ian Miller in a bad wig ('women in Essex are so orange, going down on them counts as one of your five-a-day').

He was followed by So Ying Pang (at some point, she is going to stop looking so nervous when performing), and Liz Peters (solo show even more immediately added to the 'definitely see' list).

Your cast will vary, but two palpable hits meant I was happy to have gone.


On at 9pm at the George on The Bridge (venue 346) until the 23rd August.

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