Honeycomb Badgers on Acid – 2015 Edinburgh Fringe

I liked Nicole Henriksen's show last year, I loved this one's amazing energy and delightfully weird humour. It's an evolution of the previous show, with the same structure of her being some completely OTT version of herself – you can see why some 'skinny white boys' would be nervous about texting her back – and three characters (the misogynist DJ from last year plus two new ones including a cult fraud) and it's evolved into something great.

There's a bit of advice to other performers from Tom Robinson that says 'Anything you do, do big. Don't be feeble or apologetic. Take possession of your performing area, own it, fill the space. .. The essence of great performance is energy, passion and total commitment…' Nicole does it big, making a tiny cramped windowless room feel like a large auditorium while at the same time filling it with those three things.



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