The Scottish Independence TV Debate

OK, it's not really theatre in the usual sense, but on Tuesday evening I went back to the home of the friends I was staying with to see the TV debate between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling.

And it was theatrical, set as it was in a theatre* and with both using some very rehearsed lines. Most interesting were the lines they wouldn't say: Darling wouldn't say 'yes' to acknowledge that an independent Scotland might succeed and Salmond couldn't admit that he might be wrong about having any say whatsoever post-independence over the pound. It's not as though the real answers are difficult: yes, it could be a success even if there is a big risk that it won't be, and no, an independent Scotland is not going to have any control over the pound but how much does it have now?

Darling clearly 'won' the debate (hint to Salmond, when you start having to ad-lib, don't be so dismissive of what are real questions) but will it change anything?

* In Glasgow, obviously, given the demand for performance space in Edinburgh during August!

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