Kayfabe – 2015 Edinburgh Fringe

The 'real' Kayfabe is the code of silence that allows professional wrestling to pretend that it's not scripted to within an inch of its steroid-enhanced life. This one is a character-based comedy show from Simon Lukacs and Lola-Rose Maxwell.

It starts with them both introducing the 'not a cult' but a close relative of Scientology, Kayfabe. A series of one person sketches follows,  covering some of the people who have been 'helped' by Kayfabe – a snooker obsessed novelist, the jealous sister of a famous novelist, the star of a 1970s sitcom now doing university gigs, a Texan religious campaigner against the Internet – thanks to paying its voluntary mandatory financial donation.

They are all failures as individuals (although I would love to read more of the sister's children's book!) but the show is great. Each of the characters work, down to the little things of each pronouncing the word differently and even the snooker details are apparently true.

Kayfabe? Fab!


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