Into the Woods – 2015 Edinburgh Fringe

There are three productions of my favourite musical – Shockheaded Peter being an 'entertainment' according to the Olivier Awards – at this year's Fringe.

One's doing the full show from the 12th to the 15th; one looks to be doing the one act school's version from the 24th to the 29th; and this one by US high school Harker School's Conservatory which is on until the 10th and is doing… well, I wasn't sure. The blurb talks about both acts, but the 90 minute run time strongly suggests that only one is done. The box office at the venue didn't know either.

It turns out that they've made the very brave / unusual / silly decision to do act one on Friday and Sunday, and act two on – at different times! – Saturday and Monday. I could only see act one, alas.

The actual performance was very good given who's doing it. Not all the notes are got perfectly, but this is a show where the lyrics are what matters and I didn't spot any non-deliberate mistakes (for some reason, The Witch has a problem with saying one word early on, but it's obviously a rare bit of odd direction).

If you see it, I recommend sitting at the front – it's not miked, and there's a definite volume drop whenever someone is at the back of the stage.


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