Night of the Living Tories – 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

Joe Wells doesn't like the Tory party to the point of supporting the 19th Century Whigs. They may have introduced the Corn Laws, but they weren't Tories. And they repealed the Corn Laws later, but sadly the Tories are still with us.

You can argue with some of the material – does anyone think that the Tories in power alone wouldn't have been much worse than having them restricted by the LibDems in coalition? – but it's delivered well and with a definite bite.

Obviously, the audience for this is fairly self-selecting: people who think that the problem with David Cameron is that he's not right-wing enough are unlikely to go. If that's not you, and you can cope with the steps down to the venue, then this is first-rate political comedy.


On at 12 noon at Viva Mexico (venue 274) until the 23rd August.

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