Quick round-up part 2 – 2016 Edinburgh Fringe

Woop Woop It's Da Sound of That Pauly

Another 'what's on here, now?' pick, this is Paul McDaniel trying out material in a tiny space. (This time I was a third of the audience.) One section involves hitting himself on the head with an old-style phone handset to a pre-recorded soundtrack. Alas, the biggest laugh was when he did it one more time than the recording required. 2/5

Breaking the Magician's Code

Kane & Abel don't do the magic as well as Caspar Thomas – their central trick isn't that impressive either – but their stage presence is much better for a similarly sized space. 3/5

Peter Dobbing: Armchair Futurologist III

A chat about things that may or may not happen soon, including the chance to try some. 3/5

How to Be a Psychic Conman

The companion show to How to Talk to the Dead, this covers the sort of stuff done by litigious fraudulent spoon-benders. (I don't know if you have any particular one in mind.) Again, some of the tricks are explained and some are left mysterious. 4/5

Men With Coconuts: Improvised Bond

Mysterious Moments of Magic

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