The Horror! The Horror! The Final Curtain – 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

This was an example of flyering working – one of the performers handing out the flyers convinced me to see it because of its overarching narrative. One of the quotes on the flyer calls it a 'A home-grown Little Shop of Horrors', but it's really closer to the film version of Cabaret in that what happens on the music hall stage setting reflects the characters' real lives.

To say much more would spoil it, but the songs by Jeffrey Mayhew (on stage playing the piano) are all good, and the jokes are either good or deliberately bad. What stops me rating this a bit higher is that, despite the way that it's staged, it's a bit too subtle. It would be good to see a longer version too.


On at 7:45pm at the Bedlam Theatre (venue 49) until the 24th August. (No show on the 17th.)

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