Toy Box – 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

Liz Peters was one of the people at the Misandry Madness Showcase I had seen earlier and immediately wanted to see more of. She'd done some stand-up comedy there, and it turned out that is a relatively small part of her full show.

It also turned out to be very, very good. On the afternoon I saw it, the show almost started with two of us in the audience, but there were soon more through the doors and some of them went to get friends.

The show is a mix of songs and games as well as the stand-up (or sit down) comedy. You can see some of the songs on her website, but you'll miss her ability to improvise a song on the spot. Lots of fun and definitely recommended.


On at 6:15pm at space 5 at Cowgatehead (venue 32) until 24th August. See it.

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