An Introduction to Twerking – 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

Sarah Cassidy was one of the ones I definitely wanted to see after the Misandry Madness Showcase.

Her full show turns out to be a fabulous look at sexual harassment she's experienced, pop culture, twerking, representations of women in the media, and how to do a good 'dick selfie'. About the only criticism I have is that I'd have moved the twerking demonstration to earlier in the show, rather than finishing with it, but the combination of the previous material and it is – like the rest of the show – something to make you think. It's just the least funny bit of it… Even so, this was the best thing I saw at this year's Edinburgh Fringe.

I was going to give this 5/5 anyway, but should say that I discovered one of the benefits to sitting at the front in Fringe shows is that the performer(s) notice when you leave your phone behind and know who to describe when leaving it behind the bar for you to pick up after a frantic search and subsequent jog back from the next venue. Thank you again Sarah.


On at 7pm at the Southsider (venue 148) until the 20th August (no shows on the 13th or 14th). See it.

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