Daphna Baram – 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

One of the six comedians at Pandamonium was Daphna Baram, who is a leftie Israeli ex-human rights lawyer, ex-journalist, and heart attack patient.

I don't know what her sample stand-up is like – we never got that far – but her main show is very good. I particularly liked the section on being an editor of a paper during the Second Palestinian Intifada, and how awful suicide bombings are for the paper. Why? Because when you send a dozen journalists out to interview the victims' families, the story is always the same: only wonderful people full of potential are victims of terrorism.

Recommended. And her accent isn't as bad as she claims either.


On at 8:30pm at the Cowgatehead room 3 (venue 32) until the 16th August.

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