Mae Martin: Us – 2015 Edinburgh Fringe

I had seen her 2014 show almost by accident and wondered why there were so many other people at it. Having seen her this year, I no longer wonder.

The two do have some content in common – I am sure that some of the stories about her parents and their friends were there last year – but this is a much better and, not coincidentally, a more personal show.

Most of it is about her sexuality, the responses to how she looks (not everyone reads her as female) and what happened when she put in her dating profiles about being interested in both men and women. (The relationship that was mentioned last year is over…)

She misses out one of the most common questions asked of bisexual people – 'but which do you prefer more?' – and my favourite bit of Roman history – the emperor Claudius being seen as a bit odd for only fancying women – but there is a lot of very good bi stuff here.

And, helped by her delightful delivery, the audience get it.


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