Quick round-up part 1 – 2016 Edinburgh Fringe

This year, I was able to be in Edinburgh at short notice for three days. Next year, next year..

Shaken Not Stirred: The Improvised James Bond Film

Strictly Come Trancing

Are You Really Being Served?

Caspar Thomas: Magic and Mentalism

It's a mix of technically very well performed magic, with some simple mentalism ('Think of a single digit number…'*) but with a distinct lack of stage presence. Performing for your table or in a small space, I'm sure he's wonderful. Off on a stage in a – for the Fringe – large room, he's far less impressive. 3/5

Makin' It Rain

How to Talk to the Dead

Caution: Filming in Progress

Matt Macdonald: Break in Case of Emergency

Techno Glitter Penguins

* Seven, right?

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