Quick round-up part 3 – 2016 Edinburgh Fringe


Yet another 'what's on now' choice. I wasn't sure at first, but by the end I could see how good Rachel Fairburn is at stand up. 3.5/5

Robin Boot's Rockomedy: Puns'n'Poses

Good musical comedy and chat. 3.5/5

Jollyboaty McBoatface

Wonderful 'best of' from comedy musical duo Jollyboat. 5/5

Ditty Fiddler

More comedy songs, this time from someone whose voice was going. Still very good. 4/5

7 Songs for Geeks

Having seen the first show, and not having enough cash to buy the CD, I had to see them again. Two songs are the same in both shows, but still great. I particularly liked the summary of Game of Thrones: 'Winter is coming, take off your clothes'. 4.5/5

Graph Giraffe

Gareth Morinan dresses up as a (short, he's 5'0") giraffe to talk data and heightism. 4/5


50 Ways to Leave Your Drummer

A presentation about someone's project to be fired as a drummer by fifty groups. Nice idea, but being deliberately fired is easy… 2.5/5

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