Magic and Tea With an Evil Genius – 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

For this show, John Henry Blackwood is a Victorian-style evil genius, complete with a mwah-ha-ha-ha laugh that the audience is taught…

…who happens to know about, and not appreciate, Jack Dee.

So the presentation is fine – lots of performers could learn from his relaxed style – and the actual card tricks are done very well. The misdirection is so good that even knowing what to look for, it was very difficult to spot them being done, and it was only where I was sitting that meant I could see one particular one in progress.

To say much more would risk spoiling several surprises, but the show is definitely recommended, especially in the intimate venue.


On at 2:45pm at the Street Bar in Picardy Place (venue 239) until the 23rd August.

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