Séance – 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

Having seen his 'Magic and Tea With an Evil Genius', I obviously wanted to see John Henry Blackwood's Séance.

After a discussion about death, the Victorians, and the previous inhabitants of the building, three volunteers are chosen – one believer, one sceptic, and one unbeliever – and tested. The winner then sits down and discovers that not every one of the previous inhabitants was nice…

It's much more subtle than 'Magic and Tea..' – it's effectively one long magic trick and it's not obviously a great one. But it's much riskier to perform, because so much relies on getting the right volunteer, and that makes it good. Sadly, it's in the wrong space here (the room is too large) and it's also probably too early in the day.

The final comment – that if the dead can contact the living, they're not going to do it via someone charging you money – is spot on.


It's on at noon at the Voodoo Rooms' Ballroom (venue 68) until the 9th August.

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