Rainbow Rabbits With Rabies – 2014 Edinburgh Fringe

Nicole Henriksen was another one of the six comedians that night at Pandamonium, so it was only right that the last live show I see be hers.

RRWR is a mix of stand-up, created characters (MC Misogynist was my favourite), songs and video. Although some of the material is a bit patchy, the best bits are as good as anything else I've seen at the Fringe.

Nicole's a complete star even if some of her self-description of "all-round mad bitch" refers to her being a One Direction fan. (Still, why be in denial when Niall could be…?) If you get a chance to see her do a guest spot, jump at it. YOLO, after all…


On at 11pm at Bar 50 / Smart City Hostel (venue 151) until 11th August.

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